Make Your Hallway Look Larger and More Organized With a Slim Hall Unit

One way to make your hallway look larger and more organized is by installing a slim hall unit. These units can be as simple as a shelf or as elaborate as a cabinet, and they can be used to hold keys, trinkets, and even fresh flowers. Many of these units also feature pull-out compartments, which make them perfect for storing shoes and other small items. Some units are designed to be curved to fit around a radiator.

If your hallway is particularly narrow, you may want to consider a slim shoe storage solution. These can be wall-mounted, which will take up less floor space while still looking sleek. For those who prefer not to have their shoes hanging at eye level, there are slot-in racks, which take advantage of the space at the bottom of the unit. When storing shoes, choose flat shelves, as these will fit most pairs of shoes with thin heels.

If you have a small hallway, you can opt for a wall-mounted storage solution. If you have a narrow hallway, you can choose a coordinating colour scheme to ensure the storage unit blends in with the wall. For a more bespoke storage solution, consider IKEA’s shoe stackers, which double the shelf space and hold two shoes at once. You can even get a large wooden box unit from Cox & Cox, which is suitable for hallways.

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